Blocked Drain in Camberwell

Blocked Drain in Camberwell

The team at PlumbFast were recently called out to a blocked drain in Camberwell. The property’s stormwater pit was overflowing into the neighbouring property, causing damage. Our professional team attended site in a timely manner to investigate and rectify the issue at hand.

Arriving on site, our plumber identified the overflowing stormwater pit. To investigate the blocked drain further, our Melbourne plumber needed to gain access to the stormwater line. Because there was no obvious entry point to the blocked drain, a hole needed to be made on the side of the downpipe. Once gaining access to the line, our best plumber could better see the blocked drain and identified the need of a sewer machine.

Residential Plumbing, Camberwell, Stormwater behind house

Blocked Drain in Camberwell

Setting up the sewer machine, our plumber fed it through the blocked drain, reaching to just before the boundary of the property where he reached tree roots. Using the sewer machine, he removed the tree roots from this entry point, helping to rectify the blocked drain. Our Melbourne plumber then tried to gain access from the boundary trap on the road, but found that it was also blocked. Further investigating, our best plumber accessed up the boundary wall where he found lots of tree roots. The blocked drain required a jet pressure unit to clear the blockage, which needed the help of our specialised technician.

Residential Plumbing, Camberwell, Drain outlet to roadResidential Plumbing, Camberwell, Sewer machine setup

Our specialised jet pressure technician returned the next day to clear the blockage and did so successfully. Our Melbourne plumber took time to explain to the client what had caused the blocked drain, how he rectified it and how they could prevent the issue from occuring again.

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