Blocked Drain in Hawthorn

Blocked Drain in Hawthorn.

The team at PlumbFast were called out to a blocked drain at a Hawthorn residential property.

Arriving onsite in a prompt manner, our plumber gained access to the drain where the waste was overflowing. After an inspection of the drain, our plumber found that it was the sewer line with a blockage. As seen in the images below, the water was overflowing from the inspection opening junction in the clients flower bed.  The Melbourne plumbers first step was to plunge the drain to clear the blockage, but this was unsuccessful. It was evident that a sewer machine was needed to clear the Hawthorn blocked drain.Residential Plumbing, Hawthorn, Sewer blockage

Residential Plumbing, Hawthorn, Sewer machine setup

Blocked Drain Hawthorn.

With use of a sewer machine, the plumber put the cables through the drain multiple times.  The whole process removed large amounts of roots and the strength of the sewer machine completely cleared the blockage. By removing the roots instead of partially clearing the blockage, this reduces the likelihood of the issue reoccurring.

Residential Plumbing, Hawthorn, Roots removed

To ensure the issue had been fully resolved, the plumber flushed water down the drain to confirm it was clear. The plumber found free flowing water through the drain and deemed the work completed to be a success. Our Melbourne plumber spent time explaining to the client what had caused the issue, how he resolved it and further how they could prevent the issue from occuring again.  Residential Plumbing, Hawthorn, cap on inspection opening

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