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Blocked drains are no fun to deal with. If you need a plumber for blocked drains in Mount Waverley, you should contact us today. The fact of the matter is that blocked drains don’t always occur due to the action of one’s household. In older homes and properties, the major causes of these blockages are actually tree roots that have entered the pipes in order to get some moisture.

blocked drain plumber Melbourne CLEARING THE BLOCKAGE IN MOUNT WAVERLEY

First off, we attended to the area with a clear blockage – the toilet. Could the pipe there be plagued with women’s sanitary pads or pieces of toilet paper? We tried plunging it to see if any of those were stuck underneath, but the blockage didn’t budge.


After being unsuccessful at plunging the toilet blockage, we eventually found that the drain had a prevalent sewer blockage. So with some assistance from our trusty sewer machine, we thoroughly removed the drain of all objects causing the blockage. This included plenty of tree roots that we unearthed in the process. Once we had finished, the drain at this property was finally set to function properly again.

blocked drain plumber Melbourne

With PlumFast being part of The Gallant Group, you can trust that our Melbourne plumbers will be able to pinpoint the cause of any drain blockage. They can do the work super efficiently as they have years of experience in the our business. They are also more than up to date with modern plumbing technologies. Our plumbers aren’t going to just unblock your pipes and then leave. They will also walk you through how to avoid further blockages and assist you in creating a prevention plan.

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Do you also need a plumber for blocked drains in Mount Waverley? Or do you have a roof leak? Whatever your plumbing problem is and wherever you find yourself in Melbourne, our expert plumbers as part of The Gallant Group are the best plumbers in Melbourne and are always here to help. Contact our plumbers for a quote today!

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