Boundary trap sewer blockage Fitzroy

Plumbfast was called to an emergency sewer blockage at a house in Fitzroy recently. The tenants noticed raw sewerage spilling onto the footpath alongside the building from a gully trap.

Initially, our plumber discovered large wads of paper towel and sanitary items causing the blocked drain. After clearing the drain of this foreign matter and water testing our work, we cleaned up the mess and reported our findings.

Several days later the owner called to say the drain was blocked again. We attended the Fitzroy residence and unblocked the drain, but this time at the boundary trap. It was apparent that the problem may be more severe than first thought, so we used a cctv drain camera to inspect the pipe work from the boundary trap back towards the house.

The cctv footage exposed a badly broken boundary trap (the air seal/trap found at the boundary of a private house drain and the water authority sewer main pipe). This trap was over 3 metres deep and behind a fence and gate.

Plumbfast plumbers removed the barriers and then excavated down to the base of the boundary trap. We used safe trench shoring methods to ensure the property and yard wasn`t damaged, and that our plumbers were safe. After replacing the old earthenware sewer pipe with Upvc plastic, we then back filled the hole with crushed rock to help stabilize the ground. A tamping rammer was used to help compact the fill.

We then replaced the old fence with a new paling one, at the owners request. The paving around the yard was also reinstated by our plumbers and the house looked better than when we first found it.

Plumbfast is known in Fitzroy as a boundary trap repair specialist.

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