Commercial building maintenance

Many high rise office blocks in Melbourne city centre are over 30 years old. The water supply to these buildings runs through large valves connected to water authority mains in the street.

When the water supply to these buildings needs to be shut down for maintenance it is critical that the main isolation valves work. As these valves age they can corrode and seize up.

Recently Plumbfast was employed to replace a series of fire service supply and potable water supply valves, to ensure maintenance could be carried out on one of these buildings.

Works included the removal of two 150mm gate valves serving the sprinkler systems, one 100mm sluice valve serving the hydrants and hose reels, and two 50mm jumper valves serving the buildings potable water. Works were scheduled to ensure the building had water at all times.

By coordinating with building management and the Council the works had minimal impact on tenants and surrounding buildings.

Plumbfast has a team of experienced commercial plumbers trained in all aspects of building maintenance.

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