Commercial Building Maintenance

Multi storey buildings in Melbourne require regular commercial maintenance. Header tanks in particular can be the source of water supply problems to various parts of the building.

Water supply to a building may be from one or two sources. The reason for this is to ensure that, in case one main is shut down, the building will still have a water. Most supply pipes are between 50mm and 100mm`s and provide water to fire services as well as domestic fixtures.

Once the supply enters the building it is directed up to the header tank locations using mains pressure only (this means that the pressure on the top floors could be extremely low). Header tanks are large tanks holding a volume of water to ensure a constant supply to the building for long periods of time.

Even though Melbourne water is clean, any sediment present settles into the tanks. Over months and years this fine material builds up. If any of this material gets into the supply pipes to the fixtures it can affect their operation. Flushometers used on toilet installations don`t work correctly if filled with debris or sediment.

Plumbfast completes annual header tank cleaning as part of a commercial building maintenance schedule.

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