Factory Roof Repairs needed after wild winds

After the recent severe winds Plumbfast was the emergency plumber of choice amongst some of Melbourne`s leading commercial real estate agents.

Many large factory complexes lost metal roofing and fibreglass roofing, some sheets no longer able to be found on site!

Plumbfasts` team of roof plumbers quickly sprang to action and were able to reinstate all these damaged roof areas within 24 hours of the emergency plumbing call.

Roofing Melbourne is our specialty, rain, hail or shine…. Or wind! Our team of roof plumbing experts were able to find suitable metal roofing material at short notice.

Plumbfast has several commercial roofing techniques able to help reduce the risk of roof sheets being blown off buildings in high winds.

Programmed maintenance and roofing maintenance are Plumbfast`s specialty. Be prepared for the next storm and call the Melbourne roofing experts. 

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