Grease trap installation

To discharge trade waste (food prep businesses and grease traps), you are required by law to have a trade waste agreement or consent with the water authority.

Each Water Authority has a Greasy Waste Program outlining requirements for food establishments to:

  • ensure a licensed plumber installs appropriately sized and constructed grease traps, or similar oil and fat separation systems
  • get an EPA-licensed waste collector to pump out your grease trap according to the required frequency specified in your trade waste agreement
  • follow waste management guidelines to prevent illegal dumping to sewer.

When planning the kitchen layout consider the following:

*A dry basket arrestor or bucket trap may be necessary when there are floor wastes in the food preparation and handling areas.

*Cooking oil storage areas must be bunded to prevent leaks or spills to the sewer or stormwater.

*In instances where food waste disposal units and/or potato peelers are installed separate charges may apply.

*Bin wash areas require the installation of a silt trap and must be bunded to prevent stormwater entering the sewer.

*Waste from barbeque, charcoal and rotisserie cooking and cleaning processes must not drain directly to sewer.

*Oil and grease must drain or be emptied into a separate collection system.

*You must complete a City West Water plumbing application before completing any plumbing works.

How to improve the effectiveness of your grease trap performance

Scrape plates and food containers into bins.                                                                                                               Install low-water-flow washing devices and woks.                                                                                                   Dispose of unwanted and used fats to an appropriate waste collector, etc.                                                         Drain oil and or grease into a separate collection systems.                                                                                       Pump out traps completely (as per trade waste agreement) and scrape the internal surfaces and/or hose off during the pump out operation.

Plumbfast can help with the design and installation of grease traps and commercial kitchens. We also provide jet cleaning services to help maintain your grease trap in good working order.



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