Flooding during storms

Plumbfast attended many sites during the recent severe storms in Melbourne. Damage was caused from not only roof leaks and blocked gutters but also water flooding car parks, factory floors and store rooms.

Councils are responsible for all storm water drains outside property lines (from the nature strip, footpath or road). When travelling around Melbourne on a wet day it is apparent that many of them are full of debris, and not allowing storm water run off to get away. Often the drains themselves can be blocked. Some of these drains date back to the early 1900`s and are in bad condition.

Most new developments (where these drains are old) are required to install retention pits, to keep the water inside the property boundary for long periods. These pits only allow water to escape at a very slow rate which reduces the strain on the Councils drains.

Plumbfast addressed a flooding issue recently at a commercial building, where the Council drains were unable to cope in severe downpours and there was no retention system. The basement was continually flooding, causing extensive damage to a lift in the building. By excavating down to the main outlet drain and installing a reflux (non return) valve the water from the Councils storm water system is now unable to flood back into the building. The works were completed prior to the last 2 storms and have been a total success.

With years of experience in commercial property drainage, Plumbfast is able to help design solutions to reduce the impact from more frequent storms in our region.

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