Grease trap maintenance

Grease traps are installed to eliminate contaminated water entering the sewerage system. Fats and oils are separated inside the tank, allowing less contaminated liquid to enter the drain.

South East Water, City West Water and Yarra Valley Water  have specific requirements outlining the installation and servicing of these traps. Most commercial food premises have agreements with trade waste to clean their traps at specified intervals.

Recently Plumbfast attended a flooded basement adjacent to a grease trap. This trap had been cleaned within the past 3 months by an approved contractor, so the restaurant owner and the facilities manager were both surprised to find that it was the grease trap installation causing the problem (even though a trap catches grease and oil, some waste does enter the pipe work (both into and out of the unit). A regular clean only involves removing all the waste from the tank).

Our plumber cleaned all the grease trap waste pipes, eliminating a major grease ball in the drain about 8 metres from the trap.

Plumbfast provide a programmed maintenance service entailing the use of water pressure jet equipment, at intervals dependent on the business type.

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