Ivanhoe Gutter Clean

Ivanhoe Gutter Clean

Plumbfast services were called out to clean a blocked Gutter in Ivanhoe. We sent out our best Melbourne Plumber to solve the issue right away.

Firstly, our plumber inspected the damaged area caused by a swelling roof tile. Subsequently our best plumber had to access the roof to find the reason behind the leak.

Plumber Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Debris in Box Gutter

Our plumber accessed the roof and found a box gutter above the affected area, blocked by leaves. In addition to this, the area that was blocked, held water from reaching the gutter overflow.

Gutter Clean in Ivanhoe

As a result of finding the problem, our plumber cleaned out the gutter sump, along with immediate areas of the roof as well as the skylights, to prevent any other roof debris from blocking the box gutter again soon.

Plumbing Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Sump area cleaned

After completing the job, our plumber explained that not all leaks are easily fixed, but we attended to the most obvious defects on inspection. In short, we recommend that the leak is closely monitored, and if it appears a second time, we may need to inspect again.

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Do you have roof leak or plumbing repairs in Ivanhoe going unattended? A possible gas leak? A blocked drain? Maybe some gutters that need cleaning or fixing? Whatever the plumbing issue is and whatever Melbourne suburb you are in, our friendly and expert plumbers at Gallant Plumbing are the best plumbers in Melbourne and are always happy to help. Contact our reliable plumbers for a quote or job request today!


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