Hot Water Service in Canterbury

Hot Water Service in Canterbury

The team at PlumbFast were called out to a hot water service in Canterbury. Attending site promptly, the team investigated the issue and implemented the best solution for the client.

When first understanding the client’s plumbing issue, our plumber believed there may be a faulty tempering valve. Investigating the unit, the Melbourne plumber opened up a hatch and found a lever valve, pressure reducing valve and water meter. From there, the plumber investigated the bathroom and found a false panel in the bathroom vanity cupboard. Our hot water plumber removed the panel and found a tempering valve which controlled the basin and shower. Residential Plumbing, Canterbury, Plumbing in ceilingResidential Plumbing, Canterbury, Pressure reducing valve

Hot Water Service in Canterbury

Our Melbourne plumber tested the valve by shutting it off and seeing if hot water was still flowing. Shutting off the isolation valve stopped hot water flowing to the basin and shower. However there was still hot water flowing to the kitchen tap. The tenant said that they have had intermittent hot water from the basin, shower and kitchen hot tap. Because of this, the Melbourne plumber believed there was no fault with the tempering valve and that the fault lied with the water line of the building.

Residential Plumbing, Canterbury, Bathroom panel

Residential plumbing, Canterbury, Kitchen tap temperature

Speaking with the building manager, we advised him of the investigations we had completed and that the tempering valve was not at fault. As this apartment was at the end of the line, our plumber made the best suited recommendation.


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