Hot Water System in Canterbury

Hot Water System Installation in Canterbury.

The team at PlumbFast were called out to a hot water system replacement in Canterbury. Our Melbourne plumbers attended site in a timely manner ready to rectify the clients issue.

Arriving onsite, the first thing our best plumber did was test the gas line for any leaks. Using the manometer, he found that there was a gas leak present. Upon further investigation, the Melbourne plumber turned off the gas shut off valve that fed into the hot water service. He re-tested the line for a leak and found one still to be present. Residential Plumbing, Canterbury, Leak existing in the line

The Plumber then accessed the gas cooker, where the Melbourne plumber found that it did not have a shut off valve. The plumber capped the line off and re-tested it, finding that the leak was no longer presenting. The plumber deemed that the leak was coming from the gas cooker.

Our Melbourne plumber turned the water supply off at the hot water system and began draining the unit. Once completely drained, the old system was removed and the new one was put into position. Our best plumber then proceeded to connect the water inlet and outlet, as well as the gas supply to the new hot water system. Residential Plumbing, Canterbury, Draining old unit

Once connections to the unit were all confirmed, the plumber opened the water supply to fill the new unit. The Melbourne plumber then opened up the sink mixer while the hot water service was filling up to remove the air. After the unit was full with water, the plumber tested the unit, ensuring no leaks were present. The test confirmed the hot water system was running as expected and there were no existing leaks. Residential Plumbing, Canterbury, New hot water system

Hot Water System Installation in Canterbury.

Our best plumber then ran a burner pressure test on the unit to make sure it was operating at the correct pressure as per the compliance plate. Connecting the manometer and firing up the unit, it was found to be working at the correct burner pressure. Finally, our Melbourne plumber conducted a soapy water test on all gas connections which revealed that no leak was present. The new hot water system was ready for use at the Canterbury property. Residential Plumbing, Canterbury, Soapy water test

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