Hot Water System in Doncaster

Hot Water System in Doncaster.

The team at PlumbFast Plumbing attended a Doncaster hot water system issue, earlier this week. Arriving onsite in a prompt manner, our hot water plumber was ready to investigate the problem at hand.

The first step was to investigate the present roof leak. Our Melbourne plumber identified the inlet valve on the hot water system was not shutting off. The gravity-fed hot water system had water running through the overflow pipe which was rusted and was leaking. The rusted state of the pipe was causing the water to leak through the ceiling inside the property.

Residential Plumbing, Doncaster, Old Galvanised pipe on hot water system

Doncaster Hot Water System.

To resolve the issue, the plumber isolated the water to stop the current leaking and then cleaned up the water on the roof. Our best plumber began to cut out the old galvanised overflow pipe and install a new plastic pipe. He then sealed up all the joins and replaced the inlet valve.

Residential plumbing, Doncaster, new galvanised pipe

The plumber believed the works completed had rectified the issue. To ensure this was the case he conducted a water test which showed no present leak. The hot water system was now running as normal, not causing any leaks and water damage to the property.

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