Hot Water System in Hawthorn

Hot Water System in Hawthorn

The team at PlumbFast recently attended a hot water system in Hawthorn. The client was unable to gain hot water from their system, which required our hot water plumber to attend site.

Arriving on site to investigate, our best plumber found that the system did not have a pilot light. He then checked the solar pump control temperature which was as it should be, operating at 35 degrees celsius.

The next step was to check the building pump controller circulation temperature. Our Melbourne plumber found the error code temperature too low, however found the building circulation pumps were operating as required.


Hot Water System in Hawthorn.

To rectify the hot water system issue at hand, the plumber removed the booster cover to check the hot water service booster controller. The error code temperature came up as low, indicating the present system error. Through further investigation, the plumber found the booster filter was clogged with debris and as a result causing the lack of hot water. Cleaning the booster and reinstating water supply, the booster fired up and was now running at 75 degrees celsius. Hot water was now running out of the clients unit.

Our hot water plumber made some recommendations to the client to help prevent the issue from occuring again. These recommendations included installing a bag filter system to the buildings hot water service. This would reduce hot water system down time, a result of the booster cold water inlet filter clogging up. If installed, only annual maintenance would be required. If not installed, our Melbourne plumber recommends quarterly maintenance or more to clean the booster inlet filter.


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