Hot Water System in Richmond

Hot Water System in Richmond

The team at PlumbFast were called out to a hot water system in Richmond. Our Melbourne plumbers attended site in a timely manner ready to rectify the clients issue.

After arriving on site in Richmond, our hot water plumber found that the pilot light needed relighting. After relighting the pilot light, the plumber tested the unit and found it stayed lit, all running as normal. Once further inspecting the unit, it was found to have two leaking pressure and temperature released (PTR) valves. These leaky valves were likely to be causing the hot water system issues, which prompted our plumber to replace both PTR valves.Residential Plumbing, Richmond, Hot Water System pilot light out

Residential Plumbing, Richmond, Hot water system pilot light relit

Hot Water System in Richmond.

The Richmond clients hot water system also had two faulty ball valves which were not shutting off on the system. Our Melbourne plumber also replaced the two ball valves and then proceeded to purge the system. After cleaning out the system, our best plumber tested the system and found it all running as designed to and the pilot light stayed lit.

Residential Plumbing, Richmond, leaking PTR valve Residential Plumbing, Richmond, New PTR valve

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Once works were completed, the plumber took time to explain to the client what the hot water systems issues were. He explained the works he did to the unit and why, along with recommending further works to help prolong the life of the unit. For this specific client, the plumber recommended replacing both flues on the system due to their poor conditions.

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