Hot Water System Installation Camberwell

Hot Water System Installation Camberwell

The team at PlumbFast were recently called out to a hot water system installation in Camberwell. Having no hot water in the middle of winter is not ideal. We ensured out team attended site quickly to investigate the problem and reinstate hot water at the property.

Arriving onsite in a timely manner, our best Melbourne plumber gained access to the Hot Water System. Upon inspection, he could immediately see that the unit had burst. The unit required replacement and due to the costly nature of the task, our team provided a quote. Discussing the individual clients needs and understanding the needs of the household, our plumber was able to provide a detailed quote. Helping the client, our plumber explained the entirety of the quote and gained approval for the works.

Residential Plumbing, Camberwell, Hot Water service removed

Residential Plumbing, Camberwell, Asbestos capped

Hot Water System Installation

Our best plumber Melbourne sourced the new hot water system and all tools required to perform the replacement. His first step was to drain the existing hot water system and remove it. The plumber then tested the existing gas line and cut and capped pipes in the kitchen from the previous unit. He also capped the existing asbestos flue with a plastic pipe and then proceeded to mount the new Rinnai infinity 26 hot water service. After mounting the unit, the plumber ran new pipes for hot, cold and gas from the meter.Residential Plumbing, Camberwell, New gas line

After successfully completing the installation, our plumber explained the works to the client, ensuring they fully understood what had been done. He explained the new unit to them, things to look out for, how to relight the pilot light and what to do with the pressure relief valve. We believe it’s important to educate our clients and instill confidence in them and the service we provided them.Residential Plumbing, Camberwell, New hot water system

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