Regular heater servicing eliminates Carbon Monoxide risk

With the warm weather fast approaching, now is the perfect time to get your heaters serviced, to make sure your family is safe next winter.

PlumbFast and Energy Safe Victoria recommend that all gas heaters are serviced at least every two years. Gas central heating units can also spill carbon monoxide and need to be serviced just as regularly as wall-mounted heaters.

Carbon monoxide is found in combustion fumes, such as those produced by stoves, lanterns, gas ranges and heating systems. It can build up in closed or semi-enclosed spaces and poison people or animals breathing it.

It is not commonly known that death due to carbon monoxide poisoning is one of the most common causes of death due to poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless and tasteless gas that can cause sudden illness and death. It is notoriously difficult to detect because of these characteristics, and the symptoms can make any poisoning effects hard to discover, as they are similar to the flu.

All Victorians with gas heaters should call in a licensed gasfitter to test for carbon monoxide and service their heating system. You should also be aware that all gas appliances must be vented so that carbon monoxide does not build up in your home, cabin or caravan.

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