Roof Repairs Melbourne

It can start with just a drop, but if you don’t attend to leaks in your roof, they can quickly escalate, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in roof, ceiling and property damage. The Master Plumbers at PlumbFast are roofing specialists for homes across Melbourne. We have plumbers that specialise in roof repairs in Melbourne so you know you’ve got the best plumber in Melbourne. Plumbfast can give your roof a thorough inspection and advise you on the best means of repairing roof leaks in Melbourne or other damage.

We can redesign your old roofing drainage system to withstand the heaviest rains, and install new gutters, downpipes or rainheads. Our professional Melbourne plumbers will ensure your roof is in top shape as quickly, efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Roof Repairs in Melbourne

PlumbFast roof and leak inspection

Our residential plumbing roof inspections and leak detection service will provide you with a full report on the best course of action.

Metal roof installation

Installation of new pitched and flat deck metal roofs.

  • Galvanized
  • Zincalumne
  • Colourbond

Redesign drainage system

PlumbFast can redesign your roofing drainage system to withstand heavy rains. This is an essential skill as part of our plumbing services in Melbourne.

Repairs to old and damaged steel roofs

Let the professionals do it. PlumbFast are experts at repairing roofs, with the highest quality workmanship. If you get onto the job early enough, you should be able to avoid costly roof replacements.

Gutter and drainage installation

PlumbFast can install new gutters, downpipes and rainheads, as well as roof vents and duct penetrations.

“Thanks for the great service. (PlumbFast plumber) Juliene is very knowledgeable. He always lets us know what he is doing. He is a real professional. A great company and service is a very rare thing to find these days. Keep up the great work.”

– Mary O’Brien, homeowner


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