Roof Leak in Kew

Roof Leak in Kew

We recently attended to roof leaks in Kew, an issue PlumbFast specialises in. Water leaks are one of the biggest headaches when it comes to problems for plumbers in Melbourne. They might not look like too big of a problem at first glance but when left unresolved they can escalate to much larger problems such as rotted framing and sheathing, mould destroyed insulation and a damaged ceiling that doesn’t look overly pleasing as well.

roof leaks Kew

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Roof leaks are far from uncommon and recently we got called in to inspect some roof leaks in Kew. The roof was leaking at the wall of an upstairs room beside the stairwell. Upon arrival, our plumber clearly noticed that there was some dampness in the wall. After a thorough inspection we found two clips that were screwed in the high rib of the sheet that were not sealed properly. As a result, we released them.

Following this, in the same area, our plumber found two cables that penetrated the lower part of the sheeting. The seal was broken where the cables go through the silicon. This was also released, however, the recommendation was made to the client to redirect these cables in an attempt to have a more aesthetically pleasing look.



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Secondly, we found another problem with leakage. There was about a 4m leakage in the section where the air duct penetrates the roof. This was due to the flashing, that turns up from the sheet, being poorly installed. The counter flashing on the ducting also had its seal broken in one corner as the flashing does not underlap at the corners.

roof leaks Kew

roof leaks Kew










To resolve this issue, we inserted a piece of metal and riveted the flashing together and released the two. We also suggested that if leakage continues then the flashing around the air duct should be reassessed.

roof leaks Kew

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