Roof Leak in Richmond

Roof Leak in Richmond.

The team at PlumbFast were called to a roof leak in Richmond. With water leaking through their ceiling, our team attended site in a prompt manner.

Arriving on site, our best plumber could see there was water sitting on a bench and on the floor at the property. The Melbourne plumber identified that he needed access to the roof to investigate the leak further.

Residential Plumbing, Richmond, water leak on bench


Roof Leak in Richmond.

Gaining access to the roof, our Melbourne plumber could see the ridge capping and adjacent silicone had come undone. The Melbourne plumber believed this was what was causing the leak to occur and therefore proceeded to retighten the sheets. Using new screws, the plumber tightened the sheets and redid the sealing that had been damaged.

Residential Plumbing, Richmond, damaged silicone

After fixing the damaged areas on the roof, our roof plumber ran a water test to identify the state of the leak.  The client was advised to monitor the leak during the next rainfall, however the plumber believed he had resolved the issue.

Residential Plumbing, Richmond, Silicone resealed

Whilst on the roof, the plumber noticed the gutters required attention to ensure no further problems occurred on the roof. The plumber recommended that regular gutter cleans be done at the Richmond property. Regular maintenance on a property will help reduce the likelihood of costly plumbing emergencies, such as roof leaks, from occurring.

Residential Plumbing, Richmond, Gutters full of debris

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