Roof Leak in Richmond

Roof Leak in Richmond

The team at PlumbFast were called out to a roof leak in Richmond. Our specialised roof plumber attended site in a timely manner.

Arriving onsite our Melbourne plumber was notified of two existing roof leaks at the property. The first leak was showing water damage around the air conditioner pipework. After assessing the area, our Melbourne plumber found that the sealant needed to be resealed. To resolve the leak, the plumber first sealed where necessary and conducted a water test. The water test showed that no further leaks were existing.

Residential Plumbing, Richmond, Roof leak from air conditionerResidential Plumbing, Richmond, cracked sealant

Roof Leak in Richmond

The second roof leak at the Richmond property was occurring at the north of the warehouse, with water coming down the wall. Firstly our Melbourne plumber accessed the external area surrounding the leak and found unsealed flashing, as well as brickwork and roof fixings without washers. Because of these findings, our best plumber rectified all detected faults in the roofs vicinity and ensured the box gutter was free from all debris. After rectifying the roof leak and running tests, our plumber deemed the leak to be resolved.

Residential Plumbing, Richmond, Second Roof Leak

Residential Plumbing, Richmond, External view of roof leak

Roof leaks can often be time consuming and difficult to find. We advised the client that some leaks may require a number of visits to pinpoint the exact location to rectify. Because of this we recommended that the client monitors the leak to identify any further damage.

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