Roof Repairs, Windsor

Roof Repairs, Windsor.

If you’re in need of roof repairs in Windsor, PlumFast is your best bet. Roof leaks around Melbourne are very difficult and can also create bigger problems. When your house has windows that leak, they can lead to structural damage internally. Wood can wastes away from rot and promotes the growth of mould. If you have leaks in windows, you should have a call with a Melbourne plumber now!

Roof Repairs and Leaks

Window leaks occur because of lots of reasons such as poor installation, design flaws or just from the home being quite old. Being weathered from extreme temperatures, moisture, humidity and building settling leaves window frames damaged or glazing seals broken. This is because the mangled frames let water seep into the home which, as we spoke about earlier, can lead to much larger problems down the track.

We recently worked on an apartment that required some roof repairs in Windsor. The small apartment had some water flowing in through the windows. From there it was making its way to the bedroom and lounge room. Our residential plumber inspected the windows only to find that the window frames had dropped, even though only slightly. As this apartment block was built during the 1950s it is clear now that it has been in direct high weather conditions. This isn’t helped by the fact is has been standing almost 70 years, which is why that window leakage is understandable. The fix involved re-sealing the glass. We did this with silicone which sealed up the panels and meant the water stopped coming in. It was surprising there was no internal damage to the apartment, but our client did call us quite quickly.

Instead of fussing around trying to find a roof repairs crew that do weekends and don’t cost an arm and a leg, contact PlumbFast on 9329 9965 to book your roof repairs now. We’ll help you out, 24/7.

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