Sewer Blockages

A sewer blockage isn`t always evident until sometime after the event. Sometimes they show as a gurgling sound in your pipes, or maybe the sink just wont drain. Other times raw sewerage may start rising from your shower grate or from the gully trap outside your building or house.

Tracking down the source of the blockage isn`t as easy at it might seem. There needs to be some detective work to identify where the obstruction in the drain most likely can be found. As most of the drains are underground, knowledge of how a below ground sewer is laid is essential. Sewer plans can be obtained from water authorities during office hours, however the sewer blockage may not occur at a convenient time to allow for this resource to be obtained.

Sometimes the blockage can be cleared by use of a plunger. There are several points in the drainage system where this is an ideal option (it is also dependant on the cause of the blockage). Chemical treatments (mostly acidic) can also be used to break down scale and break through obstructions. Many blockages require equipment like a sewer machine or pressure jet machine to clear them. This type of equipment is run up the drain and physically attacks the source of the issue.

If a blockage is recurring it is always preferable to use CCTV equipment to actually site the cause of the obstruction once the drain has been cleared. Cracks or breaks in drainsĀ andĀ tree roots are common causes of obstructions. Once inside the line of the drain any solid or non biodegradable will catch on the root and start the process of causing a blockage. If the drain has broken and no longer lines up it will also cause problems.

Plumbfast`s plumbers attend blockages with a wealth of knowledge and previous experience, as well as all the equipment required to clear any type of blockage.

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