Water tappings and backflow prevention.

Plumbfast recently completed a new water connection to a development site in Albert Park.

The project required us to install a 100mm fire service supply with check meter, and a 40 mm domestic water supply. In the valve train for the domestic water supply, we installed a non testable non return valve, or dual check valve, and isolation valves.

All Melbourne sites requiring water must have some form of back flow valve installed to safe guard the quality of Melbourne`s water supply (if water becomes contaminated these valves stop water flowing back into the system and affecting other sites).

Plumbfast arranged Council permits to excavate the mains water supply, and coordinated with South East Water to arrange the water tapping contractor to install the valve onto the pipe.

Traffic management plans were written and employed to ensure safety to everyone associated with the work, and pedestrians and vehicles travelling nearby.

Once the tapping was completed Plumbfast`s Melbourne commercial plumbers ran the new pipe work into the building and installed the meters as per South East Water requirements. The pipe work was tested and the trench back filled /compacted with class 2 road base.

This site is considered`low risk’ for backflow purposes, as it only has residential dwellings being built.

Plumbfast is capable of annual backflow testing on medium and high risk rated valves, including double check valves and RPZD valves.

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